Hedging my bets

A lot of my fabric for this project has come from a shop near me called Gaffney Fabrics. It's not a quilting shop and it's not fancy but there are bargains to be had for sure. Timeless Treasures quilting cotton is $4.99 a yard. That's about half the price I see it selling for online. Plus, they have a basket of random zippers that are $0.10 each. I am powerless to resist it. I've sewn maybe 2 zips (both came from them) in the last 15 years and now I have a stash of 2 dozen.


Anyhow, the biggest treasure is the discount remnants bin. It's cast offs, tiny end pieces and a lot of fabric samples from manufacturers, sometimes still on the cards. Usually they too are a dime apiece. Heaven.


This fabric was by the yard (and the smallest cut they'll sell is a 1/4 yard which seems common amongst small businesses but is a bit of a bummer for this project since Jo-Ann's will sell a 1/8 cut that can get pretty cheap when you tack on a sale and/or coupon) but I couldn't resist it. And if you can I'm not sure we were meant to be friends.


Hexie Count: 3