Wild Thing

This fabric was on clearance. I know. Can you believe it? Clearly the person who put it there and I would just not be friends (unless it was there because they hoarded it somewhere until it was markdown time and then put it out so I could have it for cheapsies. Then we'd be chill.) I think with the markdowns and clearance and the half off sale on clearance and a coupon it worked out to about $2.50 a yard. I KNOW. So, despite only technically needing a small cut for hexies, I bought all of the 2.5ish yards they had left because clearly someday I will find inspiration to make it into a quilt or a backpack or an epic jumpsuit for the coolest toddler in the world (who just happens to be my kid. I'm not partial or anything.)

I was just thrilled at how well the scale and the fussy cutting came out on this one. It's one of my very favorite triangles for sure.

Where the Wild Things are fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Hexie count: 11