I am without a cutesy phrase about Japan

More fabric from yet another wonderful knitting friend Amanda. She is awesome at all sorts of things (I'm working on sewing up a wallet pattern she designed right now! Well, not now now since we both made derpy mistakes (one on her part and then two for me because I have to win) and I'm letting it think about what it's done before I get out the seam ripper.) She sent me this fabric which is from Japan. It's totally beautiful and totally weird. It's really soft, with metallic geometric designs and random flowers. But the pieces were serged together at weird intervals. It seemed like it came from that way from the factory and not Amanda. The red is really rich and it all just looks very luxe. I'm saving the few remaining scraps for who knows what. And by saving I clearly mean hoarding. I will cut you if you come near my scraps! Don't think I'm not serious, I have a rotary cutter.

Hexie count: 20