The rainbow connection

My family and I moved back to the Northeast (where I'm from) this past July. Before that we'd spent 5 years living in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Well, my husband got there two years earlier than me and my daughter was born 9 months before we moved away. Technicalities.) This week something I'd long awaited came to fruition, a federal district court struck down Nebraska's gay marriage ban. It's a fraught issue there and was appealed less than an hour after the ruling was handed down but as it stands right now, March 9th will be the first day of legal, equal marriage for all Nebraskans. (What a lovely birthday present for my mom!) I'm sad that people are still trying to stop the what's right but I'm confident that the courts will continue to do what they've been doing en masse in recent months and the Sower will get to look down on a lot of weddings this month!

So in celebration I give you a rainbow hexie!

This fabric came from Sarah too!

Hexie count: 16