It's not all junk

I waited a long time to cut into this fabric because it's a large piece I've got earmarked for a blouse. It's a cotton lawn by Lisette that I got at Jo-Ann. It was a large remnant piece and I think I got somewhere around 2.5 yards for less than $10. Maybe that's fanciful remembering. In any event, lawn is just lovely, soft and flowy. Unfortunately that makes molding it over the paper pieces a little trickier with its tendency to skew but I think it turned out well. The blue is just killer. I want to finish the quilt I'm working on so I can sew the shirt!

I won't lie, I love this photo I took. Something about the chaos of a junk drawer juxtaposed with the anal precision of English paper piecing. And don't even bother prank calling the numbers on that call sheet. When I was a preteen my mother and I converted the handwritten address book to whatever state of the art contact software came on our Performa 638CD. Over the years it was edited, added, copied and faxed. That paper is a printout of a scan of a piece of faded fax paper. All this is to say that those are some majorly outdated phone numbers. But good on you if you can read them in my father's handwriting at all!

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