I learned to sew in my freshman year of high school. I took a costuming class in a school where there were no sports teams so theater was a big, competitive deal. I sewed like crazy (daily class plus 5 musicals, 4 straight plays and 2 rounds of student written and produced plays each year) through high school and then a bit again in college. Once I started knitting my sewing slowed down to nothing.

Fast forward to last fall and my knitting mojo is pretty nonexistent. I started quilting but my costuming history didn't stay down long. I came across the Flora pattern by indie designer Stitch Upon A Time. It seemed pretty straightforward and easy. Only hard part is that it's written for knit fabric. Knits can be really comfortable to wear because they stretch and move well. This also makes them a total pain to sew with. I picked up some knits from Jo-Ann and Gaffney's for a song and decided to just try. In an effort to pattern match my first fabric I managed to cut my front piece from the middle of my first fabric. WHOOPS. I guess that fabric will have to be something for Laser Face since it won't be anything adult sized anymore!

It's super comfy. I see a lot more in the future.