You might not know it from reading my blog, but really, I'm a knitter. Have been since my mom taught me when I was 15 (backwards and twisted, but knitting nonetheless!). I have a wonderful group of friends on the knitting/crochet/weaving/anything yarny website Ravelry. (If you are at all into yarn work/wool craft and aren't on Rav yet 1) Where have you been? and 2) Get thee an account ASAP!) Anyhow, yet another lovely Rav friend (most of the gifted fabric you see here is from my wonderful Rav friends) sent me fabric that I'm showing you today. This one is one of my all time favorites. It features knitting cats (featured soon) and balls of yarn. Some of my seam allowances are crazy small but I have no regrets, I had to eek out every last hexie I could!

And no, I obviously couldn't resist photographing a yarn print on a knit sweater.

Hexie count: 35