Status update

Part of why I disappear for a while is always that I'm bad about blogging. Well, probably more truthfully I'm bad about remembering I like to blog. When I'm not doing it it feels like a chore so I avoid it. When I finally sit down and start writing I tend to write a bunch at once.

The other part is that my main project has stalled. I've hit a number I'm pretty happy with piecing together (500 some, I can't remember exactly.) and settled on a layout I like (it involves a large bag of white 60 degree triangles to offset the blocks I'll piece in rows. The problem is this: when I was actively working on it, I would take and make blocks from virtually any piece of quilting fabric I bought or was given. This means I have a lot of stuff that isn't exactly my vibe in here. I found myself laying out rows, trying to distribute the browns so as to minimize its impact (I am so not a brown person) and generally camouflage the blocks I like least amongst my superstars. So I'm left with two equally unappealing options:

  1. include blocks I don't much like into this quilt I'm spending year to make and many more to keep and love
  2. keep offing making more of these blocks. I won't lie, I'm enjoying having other projects to work on. I'm making tops and dresses like mad (especially for the kid). It wouldn't be the worst thing to have a handwork project on the go again, but I've been dragging my feet on it, especially since I'll have to get back to the hand sewing anyway to piece the whole top together.

Oh, also, by laying out my rows, I totally spaced on marking the blocks I've already photographed for the blog (I had stored them separately to prevent duplication) which just adds a layer of complication. I'll stop whining now and give you what you came for, hexie of the day.

Hexie count: 71