When Life Gets Big

I thought I’d pop in before the absence got too terribly long again. I have been sewing but not really doing the blogging to go with it. I’m trying to think of a decent analogy so forgive me because this is the best I’ve got: you know jugglers? When they’re performing for a crowd and they start juggling a few really disparate objects? An apple (that they eat as they juggle), a beach ball (fun but light so it gets tossed again quickly) and a bowling ball? Well, that’s my life at the moment.

And my bowling ball? A campaign.

That’s right. I’m running for office. I’m on the slate of endorsed Democratic candidates for my local school board. You can check out our campaign website here (and contribute if you’re so inclined).

Our primary here in Pennsylvania is May 21. Wherever you are and whenever yours is, please vote. I know it’s an off year and a primary, but local elections are incredibly important to your every day life and your support means more than you know to these candidates.