Procrastination Station

It's been a little quiet around here and for that I am sorry. I am down to my last triangle that I have photographed. I then made the mistake of not shooting a bunch more when it was sunny and 73 degrees on Monday. My brain kept telling me that as long as I had something to blog about, I shouldn't sweat it. Can't trust that brain, it's full of mush.

Though I may not have more hexies ready to go, I have been sewing up a storm on my machine (and by hand, but the stacks of basted but not yet stitched hexies are decidedly less fun). I finished my first free motion quilted quilt, a toddler size for my sassy thing. That'll get a post of its own. This week I've been working on a large throw quilt in Kona and Cotton+Steel. It's going together so fast (thank you precuts!) and is looking so great I can't wait to finish it up and show you that too! (Though you'll just have to be happy with the top. I am kinda stumped on how to quilt it.)


Anyhow, we both know you're really here for the hexies not excuses, calendar notes or even pictures of my adorable kid.

This one is another from the African fabric my dad brought back the first time he went. It actually has a really nice hand unlike most of the others which are definitely synthetic. I think it might actually be cotton. It looks pretty cozy nestled there with it's buddies the ostrich eggs.

Hexie count: 25

For those of you keeping track, I'm up at 267. Only 350ish to go. GAH.


My dad has sort of made a hobby of traveling to Africa. It began with a fellowship program through work a little over a year ago and now, including those trips, he's been 7 times. He and my mom just back from almost 5 weeks in southern Africa. Each time they go they bring back all sorts of wonderful art pieces and handicraft. I've been lucky in that I've ended up with this crazy huge cache of wild African fabric. I have so much yardage that I feel no worry cutting into it for hexies, even if I want to use the rest for something like a full length dress (the last piece was 4 meters long!)

In further homage to my dad, I took the picture for this hexie on the album sleeve of his 33 record of Crosby-Nash Live from 1977.

Hexie count: 23


All I can think when I see this background is the sweet laser backgrounds you could get in your school photos in elementary school if you could convince your parents to shell out an extra five bucks. (Hello, child of the '80's!) One year the photo company screwed up and gave me the lasers when I had only paid for basic blue. It was pretty much the best thing ever. True story.

In reality it's a hand dyed tablecloth my parents brought back from a recent trip to Africa. Nothing as it seems.

Hexie count: 18