Gran bag

In the Navy

I've been on a real navy kick lately. I really liked this fabric when I pulled it out of the Gran Bag but I must admit, the texture leaves a lot to be desired. It's entirely synthetic so it feels a little plasticy. The upside to this is that it creases really nicely while sewing and I didn't have to worry about the fabric skewing itself while I basted or stitched. Plus, it's on the top so it's not going to be the part of the quilt that is touched so I'm not too fussed. That was a really long way of saying I like the simple, classic little pattern. 

Fun fact: That pillow is older than me. It's lived on my parent's living room floor a great many years. I never really noticed how beautiful it was until I took this close up picture. 

Hexie count: 13

Matching plaid is crazy making

My friends have been amazing saviors with this project, sending me little bits and pieces and huge bags of fabric they won't use and want to see loved a bit more. One say out of the blue my lovely friend Megynn asked me if I wouldn't like a bunch of fabric from their friend's grandma who had just died. Sorry to see you go Granny but I appreciate the gift you (completely unintentionally) left me! Next time I tell you a fabric is from the Gran Bag you'll know what I mean.

There were a lot of plaids in the Gran Bag and I tried to do my best to match up the prints nicely but it is hard. I get really anal about making sure the right vertical stripe hits the top and bottom center points, but when you factor in the fact that the middle row is staggered off of the rows above and below and oh yeah, fabric stretches in weird ways, especially when there's lots of folds and no hemmed or selvage edges things can get a little wonky.

Anyhow, that was a whole lot of explanation for a pretty simple triangle.

Hexie count: 8