fussy cut


I guess I'm better at sewing than blogging. I know I've been making this crazy quilt longer than I've been blogging but sheesh! My sewing is pulling way ahead. I supposed I shouldn't complain, eventually I'll have to quilt the thing and at least I'll have a backlog of hexies to blog while you patiently wait for it all to be done.

All this commentary is brought to you by the number 400, as in I just finished my four hundredth hexie triangle! In celebration, I'm posting a favorite and bonus double block photo! The fabric came from my friend in Australia and is a fussy cut of the same fabric as the yarn balls block I posted way back as hexie #35.

Hexie count: 44-45

Bump on a log

Did you sing that song when you were a kid? The one about the hole in the bump on the log in the middle of a tree that just kept going and going? That's all I can think of when I see this photo. Honestly, that's why I'm blogging it right this very minute, so I don't have that ear worm of a song stuck in my head every time I look over my to-be-blogged hexie photos. 

The fabric came from a scrap bag at Handcraft Workshop and I believe that the print is an old Ed Emberly print for Cloud9.

Hexie count: 41

Surf Shack

I get my fabrics in all sorts of ways. First, I ran through every single woven cotton of a reasonable weight that I had in my stash (which, before this project, was pretty tiny!) Some comes from generous friends looking to share the textile wealth and free up some space in their own stashes. The rest I buy.

Because I only need six hexies per fabric (sometimes if it's a specific pattern I can get two separate triangles out of the same fabric. I'll have an example of that soon.) I tend to buy the very smallest cut I can. At Jo-Ann stores differ on the minimum cut (I've been told 1/9yd, 1/8yd and 1/18yd depending on which store I was at and which cutter I was talking to) but it's pretty universally small. I try to buy from the red tag section on a 1/2 off red tag day. If I plan it right I can spend around a quarter for a cut. Local quilt and fabric shops are different. Often they have a quarter yard minimum, though many will let you choose if you'd like a 9"xWOF (width of fabric) or a fat quarter. Factor in the fact that local stores tend to carry a much higher end fabric and usually a 1/4 yard cut works out around $3. Simply too much for every block in my quilt but worth it for a special fabric here and there.

This fabric was a special buy for me. I got it while on my birthday vacation to LA back in May. I managed to sneak away one afternoon while my husband stayed at the hotel with my napping toddler and I had 90 minutes of uninterrupted solo fabric shopping. I got tons of hexie fabric and a really great sweatshirt fabric I'm dying to cut. I loved this print so much that even though this particular shop would sell me 1/8 yd I bought a half. The little houses are just so cheery. I couldn't help but want to squeeze the last few juicy moments from this summer.

Hexie count: 40

Between a rock and a hard place

This fabric was a gift from my friend Meghann as a part of a knitting bag swap. She made me an awesome Road Trip Case (by Noodlehead) that used this fabric. It is a large scale print which sometimes makes use for hexies more difficult because a large print can be really hard to translate in a piece that is only 1" wide on a side. I sort of love them anyhow. They become like a pretty jigsaw puzzle that I have to figure out how to make play as nicely as the originally fabric or come together to approximate the larger pattern across several hexies. I think my favorite example is my Japanese crane triangle. I'll have to dig that one out of the pile and photograph it, it's soooo good, one of my favorites of the whole bunch.

Anyhow, I think this one is really cool. And the rocks felt right at home in Phoenix.

Hexie count: 38

Put a bird on it

Alternative title: I Heard You Like Birds So I Put A Bird On Your Bird

Well, I thought this was from Sarah. Apparently not. Maybe Meghann? The point is, my brain is mush.

The print is mega crazy and I sorta love it. Oddly enough, it's one people frequently and unprompted pick out as a favorite as well. Just goes to show, put on a bird on it. People love that shit. 

Hexie count: 21

I am without a cutesy phrase about Japan

More fabric from yet another wonderful knitting friend Amanda. She is awesome at all sorts of things (I'm working on sewing up a wallet pattern she designed right now! Well, not now now since we both made derpy mistakes (one on her part and then two for me because I have to win) and I'm letting it think about what it's done before I get out the seam ripper.) She sent me this fabric which is from Japan. It's totally beautiful and totally weird. It's really soft, with metallic geometric designs and random flowers. But the pieces were serged together at weird intervals. It seemed like it came from that way from the factory and not Amanda. The red is really rich and it all just looks very luxe. I'm saving the few remaining scraps for who knows what. And by saving I clearly mean hoarding. I will cut you if you come near my scraps! Don't think I'm not serious, I have a rotary cutter.

Hexie count: 20

Blossom Reel

While I don't like everything Denyse Schmidt makes, what I like I LOVE. While working up this post I went looking for the name of the fabric since I was pretty sure it was one of the DS lines for Jo-Ann. Apparently I really liked her Blossom Reel line since I independently bought three separate fabrics from it for this quilt.

I tried to find you the name but apparently the individual prints in the collection don't get names. Whatever. 

On the bolt the fabric was on the bias but I am too OCD with my hexies to let that stand. You'll just have to cope with the whole triangle on the bias instead. This is my first two picture post. Woo hoo! I guess. It's the little things in life.

Hexie count: 19

The rainbow connection

My family and I moved back to the Northeast (where I'm from) this past July. Before that we'd spent 5 years living in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Well, my husband got there two years earlier than me and my daughter was born 9 months before we moved away. Technicalities.) This week something I'd long awaited came to fruition, a federal district court struck down Nebraska's gay marriage ban. It's a fraught issue there and was appealed less than an hour after the ruling was handed down but as it stands right now, March 9th will be the first day of legal, equal marriage for all Nebraskans. (What a lovely birthday present for my mom!) I'm sad that people are still trying to stop the what's right but I'm confident that the courts will continue to do what they've been doing en masse in recent months and the Sower will get to look down on a lot of weddings this month!

So in celebration I give you a rainbow hexie!

This fabric came from Sarah too!

Hexie count: 16

Wild Thing

This fabric was on clearance. I know. Can you believe it? Clearly the person who put it there and I would just not be friends (unless it was there because they hoarded it somewhere until it was markdown time and then put it out so I could have it for cheapsies. Then we'd be chill.) I think with the markdowns and clearance and the half off sale on clearance and a coupon it worked out to about $2.50 a yard. I KNOW. So, despite only technically needing a small cut for hexies, I bought all of the 2.5ish yards they had left because clearly someday I will find inspiration to make it into a quilt or a backpack or an epic jumpsuit for the coolest toddler in the world (who just happens to be my kid. I'm not partial or anything.)

I was just thrilled at how well the scale and the fussy cutting came out on this one. It's one of my very favorite triangles for sure.

Where the Wild Things are fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Hexie count: 11

Fly away home

The fabric for these hexies came from the shop I talked about a few posts back, Gaffney. I made a killing in their sale bin. I fussy cut the hexies and spent way too much time arranging them just so. Fussy cutting is pretty self explanatory. You cut your block of fabric intentionally so that the printing on the fabric is framed in the shape exactly how you want it to be. I actually made myself a fussy viewfinder that I use to audition fabrics to make sure that the pattern fits my hexies (I use hexagons with 1" sides) but I'll get to that at some point in it's own post.


Anyhow, the print was clearly a kids fabric but I loved it to bits and so home with me it came. I think it turned out really well.

Hexie Count: 6

Hedging my bets

A lot of my fabric for this project has come from a shop near me called Gaffney Fabrics. It's not a quilting shop and it's not fancy but there are bargains to be had for sure. Timeless Treasures quilting cotton is $4.99 a yard. That's about half the price I see it selling for online. Plus, they have a basket of random zippers that are $0.10 each. I am powerless to resist it. I've sewn maybe 2 zips (both came from them) in the last 15 years and now I have a stash of 2 dozen.


Anyhow, the biggest treasure is the discount remnants bin. It's cast offs, tiny end pieces and a lot of fabric samples from manufacturers, sometimes still on the cards. Usually they too are a dime apiece. Heaven.


This fabric was by the yard (and the smallest cut they'll sell is a 1/4 yard which seems common amongst small businesses but is a bit of a bummer for this project since Jo-Ann's will sell a 1/8 cut that can get pretty cheap when you tack on a sale and/or coupon) but I couldn't resist it. And if you can I'm not sure we were meant to be friends.


Hexie Count: 3

In the beginning

There was some leftover fabric I had from sewing an outfit for my daughter that she outgrew before I finished making. But it was so cool! And my knitting mojo had left. And hexies seemed cool. So I tried. I was hooked. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. At any rate, I think it came out pretty well!

As I go along I'll try to throw in any pertinent details I can think of but I can promise I don't remember where I got each and every fabric. In this case is came from a Jo-Ann Fabrics moving sale a few years ago while I was still living in Nebraska.


Hexie Count: 1