Green and Grey

I was planning out my next post and noticed that my photos of late had tended towards green and grey. I looked through what I'd shot but not posted yet and couldn't really come up with something that broke the pattern.  So I decided not to fight it.

I think the fabric came from Jo-Ann. 

On a mostly unrelated note, I love the song Green and Grey by Nickel Creek. It's one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands and just right for this post. Treat your ears for the next three and a half minutes.

Hexie count: 42

Bump it up

I don't know what it is but I love this shape. Scallops, clam shells, fish scales, baptist fans. I love it so much that I actually just bought more of this fabric in tan. I harbor an ambition to make Latifah Saafir's Glam Clam quilt. So yeah, I'm really digging on this particular hexie triangle. I like the orientation I ended up on, it's totally not what I saw when looking at the fabric on the bolt.

The fabric came from Jo-Ann and it reminds me of Smile and Wave from the Koi collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale, one of my all time favorite fabric prints.

Hexie count: 33

Point the way

This fabric came from Jo-Ann's. I am really pleased with it, it has such a nice hand. It's a great combo of geometric and organic. Thinking about it now I almost wish I'd bought enough to make myself a top of it. Speaking of tops, I finished two blouses last week; my first real garments in about 10 years. I'll play show and tell with those soon. But first, hexies!

Hexie count: 29

Blossom Reel

While I don't like everything Denyse Schmidt makes, what I like I LOVE. While working up this post I went looking for the name of the fabric since I was pretty sure it was one of the DS lines for Jo-Ann. Apparently I really liked her Blossom Reel line since I independently bought three separate fabrics from it for this quilt.

I tried to find you the name but apparently the individual prints in the collection don't get names. Whatever. 

On the bolt the fabric was on the bias but I am too OCD with my hexies to let that stand. You'll just have to cope with the whole triangle on the bias instead. This is my first two picture post. Woo hoo! I guess. It's the little things in life.

Hexie count: 19

It's not all junk

I waited a long time to cut into this fabric because it's a large piece I've got earmarked for a blouse. It's a cotton lawn by Lisette that I got at Jo-Ann. It was a large remnant piece and I think I got somewhere around 2.5 yards for less than $10. Maybe that's fanciful remembering. In any event, lawn is just lovely, soft and flowy. Unfortunately that makes molding it over the paper pieces a little trickier with its tendency to skew but I think it turned out well. The blue is just killer. I want to finish the quilt I'm working on so I can sew the shirt!

I won't lie, I love this photo I took. Something about the chaos of a junk drawer juxtaposed with the anal precision of English paper piecing. And don't even bother prank calling the numbers on that call sheet. When I was a preteen my mother and I converted the handwritten address book to whatever state of the art contact software came on our Performa 638CD. Over the years it was edited, added, copied and faxed. That paper is a printout of a scan of a piece of faded fax paper. All this is to say that those are some majorly outdated phone numbers. But good on you if you can read them in my father's handwriting at all!

Hexie cout: 17

Wild Thing

This fabric was on clearance. I know. Can you believe it? Clearly the person who put it there and I would just not be friends (unless it was there because they hoarded it somewhere until it was markdown time and then put it out so I could have it for cheapsies. Then we'd be chill.) I think with the markdowns and clearance and the half off sale on clearance and a coupon it worked out to about $2.50 a yard. I KNOW. So, despite only technically needing a small cut for hexies, I bought all of the 2.5ish yards they had left because clearly someday I will find inspiration to make it into a quilt or a backpack or an epic jumpsuit for the coolest toddler in the world (who just happens to be my kid. I'm not partial or anything.)

I was just thrilled at how well the scale and the fussy cutting came out on this one. It's one of my very favorite triangles for sure.

Where the Wild Things are fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Hexie count: 11


I got this fabric (that I believe to be a Denyse Schmidt fabric) on clearance from Jo-Ann's a while back. It was one of my early triangles. I can tell because of the crazy directionality of each hexie. Were I to make this now I'd get all obsessive about centering things and making sure the vertical lines matched just so. Oh well. Variety, or something. At any rate, this fabric always makes me happy and I really like how it came out.

Hexie count: 10

Nothing flashy

After a little while of buying the most interesting fabrics I could find, I realized I needed some toned down hexies to allow the eye some space to rest when the whole quilt top was put together. This blue-on-blue from Jo-Ann's fit the bill nicely. The rest of the cut is now living with my roller derby teammate who needed some blue fabric to patch a puppy induced hole in a quilt she'd made.

Hexie count: 9

Square pegs

This fabric is from Jo-Ann's. While I usually try not to drop lots of money at big box stores their structure is really ideal for this project. They'll sell fabric in cuts as small as 4" (1/9yd) and have sales and coupons going all the time. It would get prohibitively expensive if every fabric I used was a fat quarter from a quilt shop (though some are!) that cost $3.50. Yesterday I was at Jo-Ann's buying fabric for the quilt and between sales and a 20% off everything coupon most of my cuts were $0.35-0.50 so I bought 19 different fabrics and stayed under $10.

At any rate I don't remember the designer but it feels very much like Denise Schmidt and it could be a fabric from one of her older lines for Jo-Ann's. I just like the idea of square dots. I have a lot of dottie triangles in this quilt (it's a timeless theme) and I love that these have a little something different.

Hexie count: 7

In the beginning

There was some leftover fabric I had from sewing an outfit for my daughter that she outgrew before I finished making. But it was so cool! And my knitting mojo had left. And hexies seemed cool. So I tried. I was hooked. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. At any rate, I think it came out pretty well!

As I go along I'll try to throw in any pertinent details I can think of but I can promise I don't remember where I got each and every fabric. In this case is came from a Jo-Ann Fabrics moving sale a few years ago while I was still living in Nebraska.


Hexie Count: 1