The hexie quilt


This project is the mother of my blog. I've knit since I was 15 but last year I hit a rut. I just didn't want to touch my yarn. But my need to make things with fabric never left. So after not sewing since college I decided to jump back in. It didn't take a long look through the sewing blogosphere to find that hexies (English paper pieced hexagons) are a Thing. First I was intrigued. Then I tried a few. Then I was obsessed. I never stopped reading those blogs and found myself worrying that if I didn't have a beautiful, expensive machine I'd never be able to sew beautiful, useful garments and quilts. So I thought up the hexie quilt as a challenge to myself.


I would sew a quilt for my queen sized bed by hand.


At first I thought I'd do something like a Grandmother's Garden quilt, the classic pattern for EPPed hexies with six hexies of one color surrounding one hexie of another all laid out on a strict grid of white hexies. It didn't take long to realize that this wasn't right for me. So I tried laying out six hexies in a triangle. Perfect. I got sewing and ran out of new fabrics long before I ran out of steam.


It was about this time I started to wonder just how long this would take. I found a handy dandy calculator online and plugged in the dimensions of a standard queen sized quilt. My jaw about hit the floor when the damn thing spit out 3211 like it was no big thing. This was the point at which I shamelessly began appealing to my friends for their fabric scraps because I had decided (obviously, to make my life harder) not to repeat any fabric pattern.


After a while I started to feel badly for hogging up my knitting forum with photos of my hexies. Clearly it was time for a blog. So here we are. At the time I'm writing this I've got 462 triangles finished which puts me 77% done (with the triangles. For some reason my brain keeps glossing over the part where I'll have to then sew them all together at the end). My loose plan as of now is to feature each triangle in it's own post. If this get me out walking and shooting (photos!) in my neighborhood, even better.